Ari | 25 | Aries | India. This is an Alex Kingston appreciation blog. Most of the things here will be Alex related: the most beautiful person ever, the woman of every year and the cutest human being on this planet. There will also be an occasional appearance from Paul Blackthorne, because both these Brits are ridiculously beautiful and flawless.

Warning: I have a thing for painfully angsty couples who have all the makings to be in a disney-esque fairy tale. There's a good chance you'll find me crying over them 80% of the time.

Sometimes I write too. And there might be ducks. And dinosaurs. And toddlers. Beware.


The Things Happening Around My Dash: Part ?/?

”- - - -!!!”

10:27pm · Friday, September 13th, 2013 · 48 notes
tags » What?! · OMG! · Rude! · Alex Kingston ·
· What?! · OMG! · Rude! · Alex Kingston ·
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