Ari | 25 | Aries | India. This is an Alex Kingston appreciation blog. Most of the things here will be Alex related: the most beautiful person ever, the woman of every year and the cutest human being on this planet. There will also be an occasional appearance from Paul Blackthorne, because both these Brits are ridiculously beautiful and flawless.

Warning: I have a thing for painfully angsty couples who have all the makings to be in a disney-esque fairy tale. There's a good chance you'll find me crying over them 80% of the time.

Sometimes I write too. And there might be ducks. And dinosaurs. And toddlers. Beware.

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Pairing: The Doctor/River; Human AU

Rating: G

Her eyes searched the room full of people for a familiar face, quietly moving over each person as she tried not to give away her position. After the big argument from morning, she didn’t want him to know she was there for the ceremony.

A peculiar chin, thick lock of hair that had been carefully combed and gelled back in the morning, now falling over his eyes, and with extra long limbs, it was hard to miss him. Scanning through the crowd, she allows herself a small smile as he enters her line of vision. “Gotcha!”

Tucking an errant curl behind her ear, she took a sip of her drink, promptly spitting it out. “Vile”, her face the mirror of disgust, she quickly disposed of the glass, and pulled the collar of her trench coat up.

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which person of ur otp furiously does push-ups while the other sits on their back and reads a magazine


River Song 
Angels take Manhattan

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favourite character meme

↳ [6/6] traits - River Song + various 

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…There you go, River Song. Melody Pond.

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you promised me a kiss, there better be a kiss or i will…be VERY upset

butbutbut there are TWO kisses in the fic so far! :o


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Well, I would be if it ever happened…


favourite character meme

⇉ [2/4] relationships

River & the Stormcage guards: ‘River Song can walk in and out of that prison like the walls aren’t there.’

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-oh you know what it’s like when you lose someone close you

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