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misscorday replied to your post “Pairing: Dinah Lance/Quentin Lance Rating: T, dude. …”

You tease!

I was going to change it to T :P [I began a different version first, hence the incorrect rating]

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Pairing: Dinah Lance/Quentin Lance

Rating: T, dude.

For misscorday (because your tag is my favvve thing these days apart from your sidebar and soon about that too. soooon)

"But the fact is, you left me first."

Her words stun him, leaving a lingering ache that he wouldn’t ever be able to forget. 

Even the sigh that crawls up his throat hurts. It’s a good thing, really. At least it replaces the anger so intent on consuming him. Or may be it already had and it was her angry hurt words that were ringing inside the hollow shell of his heart?

May be.

Pushing aside his pain, he follows her. An irony in itself. Just this morning the thought of even seeing her, talking to her was too unbearable a thought for him, and now the wordless ache in her eyes was twining and running in his veins like his own.

He finds her in the kitchen, struggling with the coffee jar.


There is a momentary pause - the familiar nickname as much a surprise for her as it is for him - before she resumes her struggle with the stubborn lid.

With a hand on her shaking ones, he tries to still her. “Here. Give that to me.”

She doesn’t even look at him as he takes the jar from her.

"I didn’t come here for coffee, Di."

"Why are you here, Quentin? You don’t want to talk about Sara, and I won’t force you to, either. Why are you here then?"

Her voice wobbles, tears clinging to her lashes as she looks up at him. It may only be for a moment, but he wants to take her pain away.

"—and I was all alone—"

Surging forward, he captures her lips in a kiss. His hands cradle her face, his lips gently pressing against hers as he brushes his thumbs over her cheekbones, swiping away the tears.

He makes no attempt to deepen the kiss, pulling away with another peck.

Her eyes flutter open, her irises pools of green with molten gold interspersed as she blinks. The tears are still there, but at least the pain and confusion from moments ago has been replaced by a much softer look. ”Quentin-“

"I’m ready to talk about Sara."


Alex Kingston and Paul Blackthorne as Dinah and Quentin Lance in Arrow (Time of Death - Feb. 26, 2014)


You watch us run.

It’s heartbreaking how River pleads with him to listen to her. To at least hear her. Because now she’d been to the Library. And the last thing she remembers is a young Doctor who wouldn’t listen, one she had to save by giving up her own life. And so she begins to loose it and in desperation tries to slap him because if it worked on Vastra, maybe it could work on him too. But it doesn’t work because he’s looking right at her. He’s… touching her. And he’s — angry. Because she should have known! But she doesn’t. So he reveals to her what she’s failed to see since they’ve been together. That he’d learned from his mistakes. That he had always listened. Then he brings her hand up against his chest and she finally gets it. The she’d been dead to him all along and it never stopped him from hearing her. So why would it start now?

river’s always there to him  and he’s so angry  because she always knew everything  but missed the most important part  but one must forgive her  death does make things a bit tougher to reason 

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river song per episode | 6.02  day of the moon

How does Quentin attempt to romance you? Flowers? Chocolate?



"I don’t know! Nothing he tries really matters. It’s him I’m interested in not the things he does. All I ever pay attention to is him and his dorky attitude."

Quentin, I was just wondering if Dinah ever attempts to romance you and, if so, how?



"She’ll never have to romance me. I’m already smitten with her."

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Pairing: Dinah Lance/Quentin Lance

Rating: General

7th part in I Come Back To The Place You Are thread. Follows after this (x).


There are no words; nothing that he can even think of beyond what is right now on the screen in front of him and what he can hear.


It’s difficult to resist the urge to pull Dinah into a hug, find a way to comfort her, but somehow, in that moment, he does. Instead, Quentin settles to fix the doctor with a look as he flirts with Dinah even while writing down the different tests she has to go through. There are some additional tests as compared to before.

"Nothing to worry about, Mr. Lance", without even looking up from his notepad, Dr. Nash answers Quentin’s questions, "Like I said before- because of your and Mrs. Lance’s ages, there might be certain complications. Most of these tests will help us to ascertain or rule them out."

Quentin nods. That is understandable.

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Mattex "there's something I've been meaning to say" fic prompt?


Err, yeah…Idk what happened. The prompt came almost a month back, and i have no idea what i did with it. Sawree!!

Edit: Oh, btw, the rating is M :P

'There's something I've been meaning to say-'

Matt shook his head and scratched out the words. They didn’t feel right. He balled the sheet, trying to think of words that would fit, and threw it in the general direction of the bin. After so many hours, he almost didn’t care if the screwed up balls of paper fell in the bin or not. The bin was already brimming with numerous such notes. Another one wouldn’t make any difference.

But then, would any of it make any difference? Alex probably wouldn’t even read any of the letters. And rightly so.

Three words.

All he had to do was to say those three words.

Instead, he had walked out on her.

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otp meme | river/doctor + every color of the rainbow