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Note: when I say that I’m nervous or anxious about doing something, there’s a 100% chance that it’s not going to make me feel better if you tell me that “oh you’ll do fine, don’t worry about it.” 

Can you remember the name of the Mattex fic, where Matt is offered a part in a film but asks Alex if she is okay with it because Ralph is in the film


I don’t remember the name but I’m 99% sure it was one of sams and I’m on my phone rn so I can’t link you but she’s sassasam on ao3 :)

I think its called ‘I can feel the distance getting close’



Ok so some of these are blurry and not the best but it was difficult to take pics whilst they were filming :) this was quite a few weeks ago when they were filming at a DLR station in London :) feel free to share and use them but please give credit :)

Based on my posts, leave in my ask 5 things you’ve learned about me.

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Okay. SO exams are going on (they end on 30th btw) and I’m quickly losing my mind (I swear academics are designed that way sometimes :/)  Anyways, so I was saying- yes- my power of imagination keeps me sane during exams (sometimes it distracts me too, but that;s a different issue and lets not talk about it) and you can help me retain my sanity (also its hot here and heat gets to my brain pretty quickly and a combo of rusting caused by exams and melting caused by heat can’t be good so there)

aah. so yes. as i was saying you can send me prompts and help me stay sane because even if i can’t write before 30th, imagining things helps me get through a lot of things. (i know few like what i write, but more than that i like to write because that allows me to kind of lose myself inside my head and that is a beautiful thing you should try it too)

[also last time it took me embarrassingly long time to get my writing mojo back- i would like it to happen sooner this time :P]

"Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of by the folk."
— Henry Jenkins (Director of media studies at MIT)

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thespacehairandthespaceidiot replied to your post “my thoughts are very mattex-y now. I- What if Matt called up Alex…”

Why would you put that thought in my head??? TODAY HAS ENOUGH FEELS ALREADY THANK YOU!!

No but just think Casssssiiiieeee!!!