That’s not a plan, that’s just hoping!

Matt’s debut movie has been retitled from How to Catch a Monster to Lost River


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Every time I listen to the Sherlock theme (or the Reichenbach Ballad) my hands literally itch to write a Sherlock/Alex fic- a sort of AU where instead of John, Sherlock and Alex are flatmates.

April 18, 2014 [x]

April 18, 2014 [x]

"He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man" - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.


todays gem from the River Song tag: apparently the doctor loves Rose the most out of everyone, and more than River “cause she always there for him in some form or another”…

which, yeah wouldn’t be such an annoying statement if it wasn’t for the fact that this



^ This



i noticed when people hate things, they are willing to just do the most impressive mental gymnastics to affirm that hate, overly exaggerate it’s problems, make up problems that don’t exist, and hold shit against it that would get a free pass on a thing that they like. like sometimes i just see someone hating a thing and i just think man. you are trying way too hard to hate that thing


can you post a selfie

Oh. Oh yes. Why not? Ofc!


If you were wondering who the kid is, that’s the cutest baby in the universe (until I have my own, ofc!): my niece. As you can see, neither of us possess any selfie skills. Can I interest you in a pic from the last time I looked human and photogenic?

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hey, :) I was just wondering, what is a saree? I hope that your day gets better XD

Oh hey, nonnie! :) Saree is a traditional Indian dress, and looks like this, and you look like the most gorgeous woman on earth when wearing a saree. No kidding, but honestly there’s something magical about it :D:

I kind of like how Zimbio’s quiz defines River Song.

I kind of like how Zimbio’s quiz defines River Song.

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Oh yeah, we should even have a monkey emblem to go with our anthem! Now that I have the licence, I can abandon all my claims for it - the hairy trinity has officially fallen into public domain. (Ms M. ! I like it :D)

I propose this as our emblem.

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Putting a copyright on the hairy trinity LOL

oh yes. I was trying to figure out a way to convey this. *ahem* *clears throat* Dudes and Dudettes, credit for ‘the hairy trinity’ title goes to Ms. Mika Melyssa

[For those who are wondering who ‘the hairy trinity’ is- you haven’t been watching my dash closely enough *squints at you*]


Alex Kingston in Chasing Shadows: The Twitter Edition